Musicality is not currently available.

Musicality is a nights-and-weekends passion project for me—but unfortunately my nights and weekends haven't been quite enough to keep up with all of the recent changes in macOS, tvOS, and the music services. As a result, the list of known issues has grown, and I no longer feel good about offering Musicality up for sale, even with the free trial.

I'm making steady progress on the fixes, but until I feel better about the state of things I've decided to turn off the website. If you'd like, drop your email address into the form below and I'll notify you when everything is up and running properly again. (No spam, and I'll never share your address. Promise.)

If you already purchased Musicality, never fear! I will still be releasing updates and fixes as soon as they are available. If you have questions, feel free to send me an email.

If you purchased Musicality already, and just need to download the latest version, you can find it here.